Lonsdale Portfolios

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Newport Private Wealth is a wealth management firm serving high-net-worth individuals and families across Canada. They had launched a sub-brand – Lonsdale Wealth Partners, aimed at mass affluent clients with third-party advisor relationships – but found that it didn’t so much expand the perception of the parent brand as create what appeared to be a parallel brand, with similarities between go-to-market strategies and verbal and visual identity expressions that had the potential to confuse clients.

To differentiate the two, we first needed to focus the brand messaging for the Newport parent brand so that we could appropriately and distinctly position the Lonsdale sub-brand relative to it. We proposed a new name – Lonsdale Portfolios – as a more direct indication of a product offering, and added an endorsement statement to ensure its hierarchical relationship with the ultimate source of brand value was clear. We adapted the graphic language of Newport to create a new visual identity to stake a premium positioning for Lonsdale relative to the competition, while simultaneously leveraging the close association with, and protecting and enhancing the more exclusive and fulsome Newport Private Wealth offering.