Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sunnybrook was anticipating a merger with a smaller, specialized care provider and were concerned the merger had the potential to test the credible stretch capacity of their existing brand positioning, their visual and verbal identity, and the brand architecture that expressed these coherently. Despite having gone through a rebranding process over the previous five years, they realized they still lacked a comprehensive road map for their brand that anticipated the future evolution of the organization.

Our work encompassed an in-depth review and evaluation of the positioning and visual identity of both entities, a top-level audit of their immediate competitors, and a survey of brand practices in the wider healthcare sector. We uncovered information that illuminated the key issues contributing to their concerns.

Armed with new insights, we developed recommendations for targeted changes to help future-proof the brand and provide the assurance they could move forward with confidence in the short term.